The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted on all areas of our lives and everyone must work to reduce the spread of the virus by following government guidelines.

In line with HSE guidance, Feedback Atency has carried out a COVID risk assessment, this covers the work in our own office and travelling to and working on customers sites.

Some of the main points of this are outlined below:

Social Distancing 

  • Where possible, our staff will stay 2 meters apart
  • If safe to do so, collections will be carried out single crewed
  • Where this is not possible, we will use mitigating measures, such as increased hand washing and face masks as appropriate


  • Our staff have been issued with personal kits that include hand sanitsing gels, face masks and gloves
  • All our vehicles have been equipped with additional hand sanitiser, face masks, gloves and cleaning equipment

Enhanced Cleaning

  • An enhanced cleaning regime has been introduced for our office and vehicles
  • High contact areas in vehicles, such as door handles, steering wheel, gear stick etc. are cleaned frequently

Visiting customer sites

  • We will continue to visit customers sites and follow our own as well as COVID-19 measures applicable at customers premises


  • Going forward, we will not be requesting customers to sign waste transfer notes, but will print the customers name and the words “COVID 19” instead.
  • The same arrangement has been made for our electronic job sheets – our drivers will take before and after pictures at jobs

Working from home

  • Some of our office staff may work from home where this is possible, please bear with us if this is resulting in a delay in dealing with your request

Please contact us for a copy of our full risk assessment. As the Coronavirus situation is ever evolving, measures may change and be adapted to the circumstances.

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